My Decision to Run

I do not take running for Jefferson County Assessor lightly. I took me nearly a year to decide to run because I wanted to be sure I was the right person  and that I was running for the right reasons.

I did my research. I spent countless hours on the Jefferson County Assessor’s website. I spent time on every County Assessor’s website in Colorado. I called Assessors and talked about the job. I talked to friends and neighbors, Democrats and Republicans alike.

I found that while most people don’t know who the Assessor is and don’t really care, when I start talking about transparency, the cost of appeals, technology, communications and the other issues that are driving my campaign, their eyes light up and they agree with me that this job does matter.

I pledge to create a truly great website, to create an e-newsletter to keep people up to date on real estate news that affects valuations, and to not only host public meetings throughout the county at least monthly, and to look into the feasibility of extended office hours and office hours in facilities beyond the central office.

Doing it right matters. Jefferson County deserves a great Assessor. I am committed to working hard to win this election, and to be a great Assessor. I am committed to complete transparency, proactive communication, and enlisting state of the art technology to ensure that every assessment is fair, accurate, and defensible.

I ask for your support, and for any ideas you have to make the Jefferson County Assessor’s office one that works for all of us.

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