Communication Matters

Communication Matters


My career has been split between real estate and communications. I love both. As Assessor, I see communication as a very big part of my job.


Currently, far too many Jefferson County taxpayers feel the need to appeal their assessed valuation in any given year. When I talk to assessors around the state, many of them have told me that good communication is one of the keys to reducing appeals.


One assessor told me his office has reduced appeals by about 60% since he took office, and he attributes communication for the reduction. His office has one of the better websites in the state. He sends regular press releases to the local media, and he speaks regularly at community events around his county. I will do the same.


I am a firm believer that if people know how their assessments are determined, how assessments affect taxes, and how their tax dollars are spent, they are less likely to file appeals.

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