False Statements About Me

False Statements About Me

An anonymous website has been created to smear me with false and misleading statements. The website claims I have a recent DUI and don’t pay my taxes.

Here is the truth.

I had a DWAI in February 2013. I take complete responsibility for this event.

As a result of this experience, I will never put myself in the position where I could be driving impaired. I’m now always the designated driver, and I always will be.

I am a better person today because of this experience.


A very frustrating experience dealing with bureaucracy and red tape with the State is part of what fuels my desire to provide Jefferson County with the most customer-centric assessor’s office in Colorado.

I used to own a small business that operated a nightly vacation rental property. From the first day that I rented this property, I collected and paid lodging taxes.

A year or so into this business, I got a letter from the Colorado Department of Revenue advising me that I was delinquent and owed back taxes.

I responded with letters, emails and phone calls in an effort to resolve this issue. None of my efforts resulted in a meeting or in any meaningful communication from the state.

I continued to pay my taxes in full every quarter.

Finally, I went to the Department of Revenue. The receptionist said I could not meet with anyone without an appointment. I walked across the street to the Capitol and spoke with my State Representative and with someone in the Governor’s office. A day or so later, someone from the Department of Revenue contacted me and we set up a meeting.

As a result of this meeting, the Department agreed that I had paid all of my taxes on time and in full. In fact, I had overpaid and was due a refund.

When I discovered later that liens had been inadvertently placed on my property by the Department of Revenue, I contacted the Department, and the liens were removed at no cost to me.

I am committed to making the Jeffco Assessor’s office the most customer centric in Colorado. With better communication and better customer service, no one will feel the frustration I went through.

That is my promise to the people of Jefferson County.

My opponent’s main website and Facebook page also contain lies and half-truths about me, which is annoying, but I imagine he doesn’t think he can win without trashing me.

He says I will raise taxes, even though he should know the assessor’s office cannot do that. The State audits every assessor’s office every year and if it determines that values are out of line, they will order the office to redo some or all of its assessments. I’ve asked people who work in various assessors’ offices what would happen if an elected assessor ordered staff to raise or lower values because of a political agenda. The answer I get is that people would quit.

Finally he states that I have completed something like eight real estate deals in the past four years. What he doesn’t know and doesn’t care to find out is that I spent a healthy portion of the last four years on a high-performing and well-known real estate team where all the deals were run through the team lead’s license so they show up as someone else’s deals.

It is tiresome to run against someone willing to lie in order to win, but will be over soon.

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