Why I am Running for County Assessor

Why I am Running for County Assessor

It took me nearly a year from the time I started thinking about running for assessor until the time I filed.

It was a year of research. I spent countless hours on the Jefferson County Assessor’s website. I spent time on every County Assessor’s website in Colorado. I interviewed assessors, just picking their brains on what it means to be the best possible assessor.

I drove across the state to meet twice with one particular assessor who spent hours walking me through the ins and outs of the job.

I joined the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), and began poring over their website, their magazine, and their reference materials. I phoned the writers of articles and the people who had been interviewed in articles to get even more information. I love IAAO because of its commitment to best
practices, and the fact that everyone I reached out to was happy to answer questions.

I spoke with friends and neighbors, Democrats and Republicans alike.

I found that while most people didn’t know who the assessor was and don’t really care, when I start talking about transparency, technology, communications and the other issues that are driving
my campaign, their eyes lit up and they agreed with me that this job does matter.

Doing it right matters. I decided, finally, that it was a job I could pour the next five years of my life into (one to campaign and four to serve).

I think I can win. I know I can do a great job. Thanks to all of you who have jumped in with your ideas, your time, your skills, and your money.

Please let me know how I can do better.

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